So in all my town is small i know its becuase its been forgoten i have bArely any town numbers lemme give you this ive had 35 town numBers in the past and now i have i think 10 or 12 but if you can start helpin my town will get beter giant think of what it can be just by the help of all of you i think it would Be greaT so what do you say can we make a master pease or what.    so come on and join Murder town :D

Pic of spawn 👆🏻

  • Spawn

    So about my spawn it changes daily for now its a nice one i know the name murder town sounds bad but there is nothing bad about my town apart for advertisers i have a small town its easy to get lost


    A person name oka rutox a good freind from long ago was gone magicly she joined my town but i havent seen her so im worried

  • About my hotel

    I need help with my hotel but there is a pretty blem im buying wool and i dont have time to work on the hotel thats why i need some donations that would be a big help

Brand new guardins there protectin a supprise comin soon

There is no video clip yet